Over the past 10 years, I’ve been a news anchor, reporter and producer based in Toronto, Winnipeg and Halifax with a breadth of regional and national experience.

It’s a privilege to be a TV, radio and digital storyteller. I take great pride in my career and am always looking for innovative ways to reach audiences.

I have a unique perspective that I’m excited to share with TV and radio audiences. I was the award-winning theatre kid, who was also the MVP of my high school’s rugby team. It’s part of my dichotomous life that keeps people interested.

I have a special love for all things politics, both Canadian and American. Mostly because, as the son of a political staffer (mom) and a political lawn-sign campaign chair (dad), I have been in the thick of politics my whole life.

Whether I’m investigating the treatment of foreign workers languishing in the basement of a Toronto temple or exposing the deadly lack of oxygen on air ambulance flights in Steinbach, Manitoba, I have proven myself as a journalist who will dig in the pursuit of social justice.

At CBC News Network, I held a number of leadership roles. As the national afternoon coverage producer, I led story meetings, assigned writers and vetted copy. I also worked as a control room producer, line up producer, and was pulled to produce several live specials, including two federal budgets and the Royal Wedding.